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Fysio is an innovative Greek company established in the year 2007.
The brand Fysio reflects a very specific philosophy which evolves through time while being attached to a clear commitment: “Making something naturally”.

Fysiocosmetics products


In Fysio we do believe and invest in the power and wisdom of nature.
As our main ingredient, we use Beeswax & Extra Virgin Olive Oil, combined with a natural ingredient of high quality and biological value; our aim is to promote a luxurious cosmetic care to its most natural extent.


Respect towards nature and focus on our commitment for maximum protection of human health, invite us to design and create highly effective, totally natural and innovative dermocosmetic products.


Our inspiration? The Golden Ratio Phi, the number of perfection which is the key to beauty in nature.

The human body is structured and developed based on Phi. In honeybee hives, if you divide the number of female bees by the number of male bees you get the golden ratio Phi.

Fysio’s vision is to create natural products following the perfection found in nature always trying to come closer to the most successful approach of the Phi number.

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Fysio stays focused on the philosophy of “Natural Creation”. What we do is invest on the power & wisdom of Nature, following a holistic approach at the same time. As a result, we offer consumers dermocosmetic products of high quality and efficiency, created by compositions unique around the world and fully made of Natural Bioactive ingredients.

Based on the most modern production methods, we combine what Nature has taught us through the centuries with the most recent findings of the modern science and cosmetology.

Fysiocosmetics products


The products complies with the European Union regulations on cosmetics (EEC 1223/2009) which defines the terms and conditions for marketing and distributing cosmetic products. The products have past all of the mandatory control tests ensuring their safety for consumers (dermatological test -in vitro-, Allergens control & SAFETY ASSESSMENT).


Customer reviews, confirmed purchases 
from Amazon

I**i No irritation on baby skin!
We’re washing our baby’s cloth with this powder since the day he was born. He has a very sensitive skin and get egzema from time to time, but this soap did not cause any irritation on his skin. And it smells really nice!

Aour********lis The best nappy cream ever!
I have first bought this cream two years ago. It helped with my daughter’s severly infected nappy rush. We now always have a tub at home, it is a quick remedy when a nappy rush starts to develop, also wonderful for dry skin and worked with mild eczma as well for us. We simply just call it the magic cream!

Ke**y 5* product, cannot live without it!
I bought this last year as i was struggling to keep my dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin under control during the winter months. This product changed my skin overnight and cleared up my eczema completely within days. I use this on my face and body as needed and have also used it on my 7 year old who also suffers with allergies and eczema. This cleared up an extremely angry and sore flare up completely within 2 days and relieved the itchy skin instantly. I have used many products over the years including over the counter and prescribed creams from my GP and nothing works half as well and as quickly as this. I cannot recommend this product enough!

Jo C***er Love this product.
This is a great natural product especially for people like me who are extremely sensitive. It has a soft wax like consistency that keeps the skin nourished and moistured throughout the day. I have found it is great for use in the sun over a sun tan lotion, to keep the skin from drying out. I use on my body, hands and feet and sometimes at night also on my face. Highly recommended.

Ly***m Amazing product A****
Amazing product, I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. She sufferers from psoriasis and she says just using this for a few days has made a massive difference, her skin has improved so much she’s overjoyed, I’ve already bought her more for when the first tub is finished, thank you.


Unique dermocosmetic products of high efficiency at the cutting edge in the natural cosmetology.

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